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Patricia Lighten Born to Sing

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Patricia Lighten was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, to a musically inclined family. Patricia states her talent as a vocalist is a gift from the family. Yet, she is quick to acknowledge that her family has many talents and skills in many areas of music. Lighten's first performance in singing was with her family in the church. Her dad knew that the family could expand their music ability by staying in the school's music department while completing their education. Patricia says, "He built us up in the things of God musically and we learned the other skills from school." Starting in elementary school, Patricia learned about full-blown musical productions.

From there it expanded all the way to technical school. She had the opportunity to sing with the Ron Winans Family and Friends Choir on three albums. Patricia Lighten has been using this singing gift in the choir since 1988 with her church (Word of Faith International Christian Center). Patricia loves to give Worship and Praise of thanksgiving to God as He has blessed her singing voice to expand internationally. To serve is what Patricia Lighten does.

Patricia has received formal training in other areas. She went to school for Computerize Accounting, received two licenses: Cosmetology and Instructor in

Cosmetology from Virginia Farrell Beauty College then added on to this field of study an Associate Science Degree in Business from OCC. She receive

a diploma from Bible Training Center of WOF/certificate from

WSU/FastTrack Program. Patricia Lighten is currently working with the

Beechwood Parks and Recreation Center as she is living the good life with her sons.

Audiences will see her soon in the stage play 4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D. as the Woman Server who has a few words of wisdom for Queen Jezebel played by Kristin Clarke. Tickets on sale now at Eventbrite for the Saturday performance on 9/16 @ 5:00 pm in the Community Arts Center Building Auditorium at Wayne State University. Email:

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