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Stage Play Returns to Marygrove Conservancy

A new show has been added. On August 24, 2024, 4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D. will return to Marygrove Conservancy Detroit campus. Sports fans will get a kick out of former Brother Rice High School and former University of Cincinnati running back, John Goebel, playing the Master of Ceremony charged with maintaining order since the royal members are sometimes unaware of protocol while taping the 21st Century Literary Award Ceremony in honor of Father Yahweh played by actor and minister, William Wade.

The show must go in spite of a surprised appearance by the uninvited Royal Daughter, Queen Jezebel, played by Amanda Almanzar (Bronx, New York), who delights in crashing the event as other royal daughters witness unexpected episodes occurring at this royal ceremony caused by Jezebel.

The cast includes University of Michigan alumnus, MacKenzie Mollison (Go Blue), who will play Queen Bathsheba. Spartan fans will enjoy Ebony Battle who received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from MSU. Ebony brings to life the story of Ruth, a young widow who dedicated her life caring for her mother-in-law. Actress/singer Padmajah Rao will play the role of Elizabeth, the mother of John-the-Baptist. Rao reflects on one of her greatest honors having the opportunity to perform Broadway musical numbers for American civil rights activist, Ms. Rosa Parks and her family. As the lines of the play say last, but certainly not least of the Royal Daughters is Alpha Bourne who will take the stage as the Woman at the Well. According to Biblical scripture, this woman had five husbands then she had an encounter with Jesus who in the words of Alpha, "read her mail" and told her that the man she was currently living with was not her husband. Audiences will delight in this comedic drama as old and new testament saints meet up in the fictitious 21st Century Literary Award Ceremony.

Director and Cast Share Thoughts

Timberly Robinson, writer and director says, "Like in any family their is love, bickering and awkward moments when accusations are made and some family members must have that 'come to Jesus moment' to address truths instead of perception. I am probably the actors biggest fans as they allow the script to take them on this emotional journey.' After the first rehearsal, the director who also has a doctorate in research and evaluation, asked actors for their thoughts. Rao stated, "I felt like I was having an out of body experience" and another actor agreed. Almanzar, who played the role of Ruth last year gives insight about taking on the role of one of the most evil queens mentioned in the Bible, Jezebel. "She is really a complicated person." Bourne said, "You're not expecting this."

Will Wade who plays Father Yahweh says, "we really need this story" because of issues families are dealing with today. Wade continues to say, "Certain family members have that problem. We have that bad egg that you're trying to pull for and they just don't understand ...all the love that you're pouring out to them." To learn more about the cast, visit the Blog section of the website

About Luvinwhatido Productions, LLC

In 2022, the production company was formed and 4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D is the first play written and produced by the director. The mission is to provide audiences with entertainment that will create everlasting joyful memories. The vision is to provide opportunities for individuals to use or develop their craft in professional performing arts environments. For the past two years, the production company has set aside complimentary tickets for students living in transitional housing (Detroit Covenant House and Alternatives for Girls) to attend the show along with seniors (Detroit Area of Aging). This year, the focus is on the military in honor of men and women like one of our cast members, Manny Mosley who is a father, actor and currently serves. The production company is funded by Robinson, patrons and donors who hear about the play or see it and are led to give more.

This year Robinson is also pleased to return to Marygrove Conservancy. The incentives offered allow us to lower the price of tickets since production costs have decreased. We have discount rates for students and seniors. Tickets range from $15 - $27.50. The campus also offers free secured parking in close walking proximity to the theatre building. For more information about tickets, click link below

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