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Expect the unexpected as a Royal Ceremony takes an unforeseen turn! When an uninvited queen named Jezebel crashes the event, the royal family is thrown into a whirlwind of drama, intrigue, and surprise. What unfolds is a rich tapestry of betrayal, love, and a royal mess you need to see to believe!

4 Daughters Minus One,
2000 A.D.

Royal Family_edited_edited.jpg

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Dr. Rachelle, Detroit

I love the way you used the actors' dramatic dialogue to bring Bible teachings to the 21st Century and how you applied its relevancy to our daily lives..  


Karen, Detroit

"That play was so powerful!

Bathsheba's story and Jezebel

calling out everybody was deep! "  

8th grader, W. Bloomfield Hills

I liked the actor

(Will Wade)



It was so good! Such a creative way to present the gospel...

Sarah, Detroit


Encore--2023 Cast_edited.jpg
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