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Written and directed by Timberly Robinson

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2023 Performance - Detroit, MI

4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D.

It was so good!

Such a creative way to present the gospel...

Sarah, Detroit



The production was AWESOME.  WE LOVED IT.

Angela, Detroit

I love the way you used the actors' dramatic dialogue to bring Bible teachings to the 21st Century and how you applied its relevancy to our daily lives..  William Wade (Elijah) did a beautiful job with singing that solo a cappella; and although God (Yahweh) was the main character, Jezebel was truly the star of that show last night!  She certainly left us wanting to see and learn more about what would happen next.    

 Dr. Rachelle, Detroit



"That play was so powerful!

Bathsheba's story and Jezebel

calling out everybody was deep! "  

Karen, Detroit


Awesome performance and everyone did an excellent job.  The song at the end of the performance was just what we needed to hear.  Thanks again Timberly for another great performance. Glad I was there.

Eva, Detroit

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