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Timberly Robinson



4 Daughters Minus 1, 2000 A.D. was written by a native Detroiter born and raised on the WEST SIDE of Detroit where she grew up near Livernois and Collingwood.  During her early childhood years, she remembers two major landmarks where everything was happening: St. Cecilia  Elementary School where some of the great Detroit (NBA) basketball players  practiced and the Richard Branch of the Detroit Public Library  on the corner of Grand River and Livernois .   

Which playwright inspired you? August Wilson

Early Influences

Her mom often took her to the library and this became the one place where she and her elementary classmates could walk alone to do homework and check out whatever activities were happening.  Needless to say, the library became instrumental in discovering and perfecting her gift to write. 


While finding her way as a freshman at Cass Technical High, she never really felt comfortable in the lunchroom with so many kids and would often make her way to the library where she read biographies of people like Archibald Alexander Leach also known to the world as Cary Grant. This actor was very familiar to her because of the evenings she spent with her mother  watching old movies with Grant, Fred Astaire, Gregory Peck, Betty Davis and the list goes on.  Her mom would often comment on who designed the wardrobe.  


Timberly also recalls looking forward to her high school English Teacher, Ms. Chapman, bringing albums for the class to listen to Shakespeare.  Audience members will see  this influence in 4 Daughters Minus 1, 2000 A.D. during the tribute to the writings of King David.  

She has been a member of her church since 1998 in Southfield, Michigan.


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