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Director talks about 4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D.

As the director of 4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D., I am excited again to begin rehearsals in less than two weeks with the current cast and a few new faces joining the ensemble. This year, I wanted to increase the number of actors and actresses who live in the Detroit Metropolitan area. One actress told me after finding out she had gotten the role, I always thought I had to live in New York or California, but there are opportunities in Detroit.

One of the reasons why I launched Luvinwhatido Productions, LLC is to bring communities family-filled entertainment. Earlier this year, a great grandmother saw me and mentioned that her 8 year-old great grandson attended the show and told her either during or after the performance that the words were from the Bible. This young man, who I will never forget wore a suit with a red bow tie. He also told me after the show that he was looking for Jezebel!!! I would have loved to hear that conversation...

The production company is also a place where new actors can work with experienced professional actors. Last year, we brought in Sieglinda Fox from St. Louis, Missouri, who appeared in a Spike Lee Production. Fox gave a spectacular performance in the role of Jezebel which added to her list of credits with more than twenty years of theatrical experience traveling across the country.

One of my most heartfelt memories during my one-on-one video audition was hearing the actress talk about a past physical challenge which attacked her body. Some of you might have read her testimony on the

4 Daughters Minus One, 2000 A.D. website or heard the interview on WCHB radio station between Sieglinda Fox and Val Monroe.

Fox shared that she is a SURVIVOR of stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma and would like to thank God for another chance. As a child, I recall that the household budget sometimes did not include the theater, so I made sure that youth (Covenant House, Alternatives For Girls) and the elderly (Detroit Area of Aging) had an opportunity to attend and see acting at its best.

I am extremely thankful for everyone who supported the production last year including a few community organizations and local businesses who believed in the work and contributed to the success by either sharing their time, getting the word out to the community or providing financial support. Shout outs to Hartford Memorial Baptist Church, God's World Superstore, Family Assistance for Renaissance Men (F.A.R.M.), Detroit Praise Network, WCHB, and the Bailey Family. But most of all, I am thankful to every person who bought a ticket and told a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker about the show. A cast member told me that she overheard an elderly lady telling the librarian that she attended a very good show and hope the show comes back again.

One Performance, One Evening

Well, before we take this play to Chicago and New York in 2024, we are coming back to Detroit on Saturday, September 16 at Wayne State University. This show will have some new twists from last year as we introduce a few new cast members with very diverse backgrounds including one who is an actor and a minister of the gospel playing the role of Elijah; another actress born and raised in Bronx, New York, before moving to Detroit brings her rich culture and formal training to the stage as Ruth. There are some performers that we describe as an actor's actor who can do it all-- stage, television, film and commercials. The actor I am referring to will play the role of Father Yahweh.

Theater audiences are in for a treat, as they witness the role of Jezebel performed by an actress who mentioned after getting the role that she shares a family tree with the legendary actress who graced the screen as Carmen Jones, Academy-Award nominated actress, Dorothy Dandridge. You don't want to miss this theatrical production. To see the 2023 cast, click on

Looking forward to seeing you!!!

Timberly Robinson,


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